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Published01 April 2021at16:11, updated on10 October 2022at16:20

10 of the Best Developers in Germany to Follow Online cover

Whether you are a developer living in Germany or you would simply like to know what the German dev community is up to — Here are 10 of the best developers in Germany you should be following across the world wide web. 

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Discover 10 of the Best Developers in Germany to Follow Online

As the IT environment is constantly evolving, it is crucial, if not necessary, to connect with the brightest minds to keep up with innovation. In other words, the more contacts you get, the more likely you are to solve IT challenges. Therefore, we at Mindquest are pleased to provide you with a list of the best IT talents to follow.

Ilona D. 

LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub 

Let’s start with a co-founder and digital product development lead at Foundsiders, Ilona. She is a coder and derivatives trader who helps developers become investors with financial tips and software tools.  

Amber Wilson 

LinkedIn | Twitter | GitHub | Blog 

Then, Amber is a front-end engineer at financial services firm N26. This web dev is an avid blogger and serves as an organiser and coach at codebar Berlin, a series of workshops bridging the tech diversity gap. 

Stefan Judis 

LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Blog 

A senior manager for developer relations at Contentful, Stefan is an expert front-end developer who loves sharing his expertise in web development. He also helps maintain Tiny helpers and Random MDN

Aaron Iker 


Aaron is a creative developer specialising in UI and front-end development. He is currently busy working on several projects, including Done, Check and Shorticons. 

Nikita Popov 

Twitter Blog GitHub 

Nikita then is a software developer at JetBrains an open source contributor focusing on PHP, LLVM and Rust. If you are looking for PHP tips, you can’t miss this dev.  

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Denise Nepraunig 


An iOS developer at Volkswagen’s CARIAD and former SAP senior developer, Denise is always sharing Swift development tips and her adventures in software development.      

Lara Martín 

LinkedIn Twitter GitHub Blog 

Lara is a senior Android developer and Google Developer Expert working at Blinkist. She shares Flutter and Dart tips and talks about developer life on Sketchnoting and at the CodeCafeteria podcast

Olena Drugalya 

LinkedIn Twitter GitHub |

Besides an expert web developer, Olena is a full-time mom and part-time runner who loves sharing advice on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React development.  

Anna McDougall 

Twitter YouTubeGitHub | Blog 

This software engineer at Novatec is an avid YouTuber with a passion for helping others advance their careers and hone their coding skills. She is a full-stack developer specialising in JavaScript and React. 

Sebastian Bergmann 

Twitter GitHub Blog/Site 

Last but not least, an authority in PHP, Sebastian is the creator of PHPUnit, a standard framework for testing PHP applications and projects. He also co-founded The PHP Consulting Company

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