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Published31 March 2022at11:45, updated on01 June 2022at11:06

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A senior executive who manages an organization’s technical requirements is the chief technology officer (CTO).

Chief Technology Officer, finding your path to the technology leader career

Above all, the CTO is usually a company’s highest-level information technology (IT) specialist. That is to say, they must guarantee that the processes of software , hardware and technology are successful in serving the company’s members and customers.

In all facets of technology, a CTO is required to remain well-versed.

How to become a CTO Career Guide, what will you learn:

  • The role of the CTO
  • Different kinds of CTO
  • The road to the boardroom

Become a CTO Career Guide

Certainly, digital transformation is gradually causing enterprises to become technology firms. Particularly because COVID-19 has taken the pace of such a shift to a whole new level.

Consequently, technology is seen as a strategic tool that can be leveraged to change business models. Therefore, organizations are continually appointing CTOs, with a laser emphasis on investing in new technologies that can provide a competitive edge, to be in charge of the business technology strategy.

In addition, the CTO‘s key figure needs IT professionals who decide to follow this career path to experience a sharp shift in skills, from profoundly technical to managerial, making the job into one of the most difficult positions for a business to find the right match, the person who can carry the hybrid of skills.

That is why a war for talent is currently going on, with businesses vying to find the kind of tech leader and visionary engineer who can bridge the gap in skills needed. So, the market value and potential reward for the CTO is critical, and those who are able to offer the set of hybrid skills will be in an ever-stronger negotiating position.

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