Give a boost to your career with these free resources for MS developers



Published29 January 2020at09:31, updated on10 October 2022at16:16

Give a boost to your career with these free resources for MS developers cover

So… it’s almost February — How are those New Year resolutions panning out? Any of them involves learning a new skill? Probably not. Going to the gym rather than just paying for it. Dry month. Quit something. So torturous. We suggest a more positive approach. You’re already a pro. We know that. But there’s always room for improvement. In tech, you must stay up to date if you want to remain relevant. That means updating your dev toolkit and skills on a regular basis. And, because we are aware that you’re a busy person and you don’t always have the time to drop by your local Microsoft Ignite conference. We wanted to share a few tips and resources for MS developers to make your CV look shinier than ever.

Resources for MS developers: information is power

First things first. If lately you have been taking a break from the media, spend a few minutes catching up on the most relevant app-dev news of the last year. TechTarget’s David Carty has compiled a very useful list of the top 5 new stories of 2019 that will dictate what happens in software development in 2020.  

Of special relevance — GitHub’s decision to open its licensing to include unlimited private repositories, a great move for small teams of developers. Also worth mentioning, the enhancement of Microsoft’s Power Platform, which now provides better tools for developers wanting to easily build chatbots and apps for data analysis or business process automation.

Upgrade your toolkit

Another resources for MS developers is to make sure you check out the recommendations that Infoworld’s Simon Bisson makes for platform developers looking to strengthen their abilities. From NET 5 and WinUI 3.0, to AKS, WSL 2 and Azure Sphere, Bisson proposes a great toolkit development routine; to start the year ahead of the competition

You can also take advantage of the myriad of free resources that are available online.

Although Microsoft discontinued MSDN Magazine last November after more than three decades. All of its issues are available on the company’s digital archive. The site packs tons of valuable information, from how-to guides to introductions to various technologies, tools and languages.  For example, the last MSDN magazine featured a practical guide for iterating with async enumerables in C# 8. And an article exploring Python functions and coding tips.

How To Learn Python With Rune

For more up-to-date resources, Microsoft Docs has loads of deep technical content. You can also check out for helpful in-depth technical blog posts. Visual Studio’s Subscriptions portal offers great training resources, and Visual Studio Dev Essentials has a full catalogue of useful development tools to explore.  

If you want to get serious, Microsoft’s Virtual Academy is a no brainer. With hundreds of online training courses spanning from Azure and Microsoft Dynamics to cloud development, the portal is a true gold mine for skill enhancement. We suggest you obtain the company’s official certifications in your desired area of expertise, as they will validate your expertise among the community and boost your career prospects.   

Get your feet wet with AI

Hungry for more? Try something different. If you haven’t yet played with AI, Azure Machine Learning has made it easier than ever to build AI models at scale. You can easily set up an account that grants you 12 months of access to a suite of useful and popular products. All for free — Unlike the gym to which most likely you’re not going.  

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