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Published10 January 2023at15:58, updated on11 January 2023at13:52

Security Administrator: Job Description cover

The role of the Security Administrator is to implement the security policies that have been previously defined by the CISO. They are also in charge of ensuring the respect and good use of the computer system and dealing with any potential security breach.

Let’s delve into details with this Security Administrator job description.

Security Administrator, the job description

Above all, what are the main tasks of a Security Administrator?

The following are specifics of the three main tasks a Security Administrator faces in their work.

Implementation of the information security policy

Accordingly with the information security policy defined by the CIO, the security administrator is responsible for its proper implementation. This involves facilitating the process of information circulation and control, establishing a charter, and usage rules.

IT monitoring and security

Cybercrime threats are constantly increasing and new dangers appear regularly that the security engineer must address. To do so, they must have sufficient knowledge of the various software and other methods used by hackers.

Employee awareness

So as seen above, the implementation of a security policy includes the development of usage rules. These will be addressed to users and must therefore be sufficiently clear so that the company’s information security issues are understood by all.

Required skills of the Security Administrator

But, what does it take to be a Security Administrator? Here you find all the required skills for this professional profile.


Security issues require rigor at all times! Under these conditions, the Security Administrator Engineer cannot afford to let certain weaknesses and flaws go unnoticed.

Anticipation and availability

System security also requires good anticipation of potential flaws or problems in order to ensure the continuous availability of information systems to users.

Good communication skills

As the person in charge of implementing the security policy, they must inform the various users as clearly as possible of the different rules to be respected in order to avoid any security problems.


As IT security is becoming a major issue within companies, finding the right security experts has become a major challenge. 80% of European companies have been attacked at least once by cyber criminals.

Salary expectation of the Security Administrator

The average salary range for a Security Administrator is between €46,022 and €74,512 yearly.

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