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Published17 September 2020at16:25, updated on27 April 2022at08:35

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Technology is reshaping not only the ways in which we live and communicate but also how we work. Discover the Mindquest Manifesto.

The skills we need to be successful in our careers and business projects—that means both hard and soft skills—are constantly evolving. The ways in which companies and teams operate are changing dramatically, even more so since the start of the pandemic. But that is just the beginning. The classical employee-employer relationship is being fundamentally redesigned.

These sudden and profound changes can be confusing for both companies and employees, creating a great deal of uncertainty and posing a new set of challenges.  

Today’s IT professionals are concerned about how to best manage and build a successful career of their choosing in an ever-changing environment where skills must be constantly updated to stay relevant. On top of that, tech workers, like any other professional collective, have personal lives to attend to and want to figure out a way to achieve career success while ensuring that all their needs are covered at each stage of their life cycle. Should they work as a permanent employee, or as a freelance contractor? The answer might change depending on which point of their lives they are in.  

For companies and IT managers, it is all about how to adapt to and stay ahead of this changing landscape while retaining agility, competitiveness and a cohesive approach to talent and operations. New ways of working require shifts in company structure, as well as new ways of managing teams that are increasingly composed of both permanent employees and external contractors. Aspects like maintaining a unified company culture, securing the best talent before the competition does, and preparing for upcoming regulations are of major importance to today’s business leaders.     

At Mindquest we like to think of these changes as a journey, for professionals as well as for businesses. 

The journey requires all parties to be in constant motion, to step out of one’s comfort zone, to make a few mistakes and learn a lot to keep on advancing.

Some people can get lost along the way and make the wrong decisions, resulting in greater concerns, anxiety, and a waste of talent and energy.

Mindquest – This is where we come in.

Our mission is to provide people and businesses with the best possible guidance and support throughout their entire professional journey. For us, it’s all about people, and it’s all about growth — personal and business growth.

We are here to uncover the true potential of brilliant and unique minds and help them build their desired career paths, working with companies and projects where they will be able to excel and achieve their professional goals.

We are here to help business leaders find the best IT talent and develop comprehensive talent strategies that generate as much value as possible.

We are here to create a new kind of community within the tech sector, to create long-lasting professional relationships and partnerships from a win-win perspective.

We are here to help our partners live up to their full potential in this new technology-driven world of work.

We are here for you.

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