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Published12 November 2020at11:47, updated on10 October 2022at15:56

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The IT Vendor Manager position is becoming increasingly ubiquitous within the IT departments of large companies. Its spread is a side effect of another increasingly ubiquitous trend: that of outsourcing of technological and IT functions. More and more companies are deciding to call on external service providers rather than carrying out certain developments internally.

The IT Vendor Manager intervenes when a company has to choose, for example, new management software, or when it needs to renew its IT equipment or decides to call on an IT service provider. This person leads the supplier selection process, determining which one offers the best value for the business and managing the entire relationship with them.

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What is the role of the IT Vendor Manager?

Clearly define the company’s needs in terms of IT equipment and services

To do the best possible job, the IT Vendor Manager must establish a solid line of communication with all stakeholders. Particularly with the IT teams and businesses users that will be impacted by the IT solutions and equipment in question. IT Vendor Manager must listen carefully to them and conduct a thorough analysis to define their needs.

Manage the relationship with suppliers

The expert also needs to play the role of negotiator and mediator. They are in constant contact with the company’s IT suppliers. They must monitor their performance and work on the optimisation of all outsourced services.

Deal with the administrative and financial aspects

They will also be responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the contract with these suppliers. They will have to ensure compliance with service commitments and negotiate penalties for non-compliance.

Required skills of the IT Vendor Manager

Excellent communication skills

For operations to run smoothly, the IT Vendor Manager must demonstrate transparency and diplomacy both internally and externally. Here communication is key.

Technical expertise

To be more successful communicating, the IT Vendor Manager must understand all the ins and outs of the subject of the contract. They must have a good knowledge of software, computer hardware and IT services, as well as in-depth knowledge of their business applications.

Be organised and rigorous

The manager must manage all aspects related to the execution of a contract and must therefore have solid project management skills. They must also be very rigorous and good with numbers to ensure proper administrative and financial management.

Within the industry

The IT Vendor Manager can rise within a company’s IT department in any industry but is most commonly found in industries such as information technology, service companies, and public administration.

Salary of the IT Vendor Manager

The salary varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the projects to be managed, as well as on the specifics of the company, but the average daily rate tends to fluctuate between €450 and €900.

Training of the IT Vendor Manager

To access this position, it is recommended to have a university degree as well as a master’s degree in computer science, business or engineering. As this profession is relatively new, there are currently no specific courses or training that will get you there.

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