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Published02 December 2020at17:01, updated on21 July 2022at11:21

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The HTML Integrator specialises in programming and development, their mission being to translate a graphic language into computer language. The integrator assembles the different elements of a website, making sure they are aligned with the desired aesthetics and maintain a practical design.

HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language) is a computer language based on the use of formatting tags which is used in the creation of web pages.

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What is the role of the HTML Integrator?

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Firstly, the HTML integrator works closely with the Web Project Manager and the Art Director. For example, together, they determine how the pages should be structured in terms of content, design (style and animations) and functionality.

Translate design into computer language

The HTML integrator then translates the graphic design into computer language, both for web and mobile browsers. They must build each website page by placing all the necessary textual and graphic elements, such as images or videos.

Ensure compatibility and compliance with standards

The integrator must also ensure the compatibility between the various browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.) while considering the standards in place (RWD, W3C, accessibility).

Required skills of the HTML Integrator

Deep technical expertise

The expert must obviously master the HTML language, as well as other web design technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL …

Creativity and sense of aesthetics

Further, the HTML integrator should be creative and have a strong sense of aesthetics. For instance, they must master graphic consistency, highlighting the website’s content in a marketing-savvy manner.

Ability to listen and adapt

In addition to being as responsive as the websites they create, the integrator must know how to adapt to the client and other professionals. They are most often working within very varied teams: Web designer, Digital Project Manager, E-Commerce Manager, etc.

Within the industry

A web integrator can work for all kinds of businesses, being often brought in to work with multiple departments at once (marketing, IT, etc.).

Salary of the HTML Integrator

The average daily rate ranges between €450 and €900.

Training of the HTML Integrator

In conclusion, a college degree in IT can be an excellent steppingstone to this technical position. However, it is advisable to complement that degree with dedicated licenses and certifications. After a few years of experience, an integrator will have the opportunity to move towards positions related to development, design, or even consulting.

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