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Discover the missions, skills, training and salary of the VoIP Engineer in our job description.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows voice to be transmitted over IP compatible networks. For example, this is the technology used by the Skype communication service or which enables millions of people to make calls through Whatsapp every day.

VoIP represents an alternative to traditional telephony and has many advantages, which is why more and more companies are turning to this technology. The role of a VoIP Engineer is to manage its deployment within the organisation.

What is the role of the VoIP Engineer?

At the cutting edge of network technology, the VoIP Engineer’s main role is to manage voice calls over wired or non-wired IP networks, private or public, and over the Internet.

Inventory and analysis

The first mission of the VoIP Engineer is to make an inventory followed by an analysis of the network already existing within the organization. To then present an analysis of the impact of integrating new networks that will allow data convergence and voice gateways.

Configuration and optimisation

The second part of his job is to start configuring and optimizing VoIP in order to enable call centers, conference rooms and other mobility issues.

Monitoring and troubleshooting VoIP network gateways

The VoIP Engineer operates a permanent monitoring of the voice over IP network gateways in order to intervene on any breakdowns or malfunctions. To ensure the quality and safety of the network, rigorous monitoring and regular audits are very important parts of its function.

Required skills

Technical knowledge specific to VoIP telecom support

For the VoIP Engineer to successfully complete the project he is working on, it is essential for him to be familiar with SIP protocol and codecs. He must also have a good knowledge of SIP environments (Proxu / Registrar / SBC); operators (Centrex / Trunk); Patton footbridge; BroadWorks and FreeSwitch, in addition to production tools.

Rigour and organization

Faced with the complexity of this function, the position requires rigour and exemplary organization in the application of protocols. Within a company, VoIP deployment is an important project which requires a perfectly controlled configuration.

Curiosity and a talent for teaching

The VoIP Engineer must systematically be at the forefront of his profession to follow the most recent developments and apply them to his projects. He must also be a teacher with the rest of the teams because of the technical nature of his work.

Salary for a VoIP Engineer

The average daily rate for a VoIP Engineer is generally between €500 and €1,000.


Becoming a VoIP Engineer usually requires getting a university degree in the field of networks and telecommunications with a specialisation in information systems security and network architecture.

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