10 of the Best Software Developers in the UK to Follow Online



Published20 May 2021at11:35, updated on27 April 2022at09:14

10 of the Best Software Developers in the UK to Follow Online cover

Looking for career inspiration and software development tips? If you are into software development and happen to be based somewhere in the UK, here are 10 of the best developers in the UK you should be following online (they are, of course, also worth a follow if you are based elsewhere).

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10 of the Best Software Developers in the UK to Follow Online

Marco Gomez

Website | Twitter 

Marco is a Leeds-based senior software developer specialising in front-end development. He has received the 2020 Awwwards Honors and the 2020 CSSDA UI Design Award, among others. 

Peter Fisher 

Website | Twitter 

Peter is a Gloucestershire-based MBCS freelance web developer and consultant at Websomatic. He also teaches programming and is the host of How to Code Well.  

Lorna Mitchell 

Website | Twitter 

Lorna is a Huddersfield-based developer advocate for Aiven. She is has authored several books and is a regular conference speaker and writer for a number of specialised outlets. 

Maxime De Greve

Website | Twitter 

Maxime is a London-based Belgian designer and developer with 12 years of experience, currently working at Marvel App, a collaborative design platform. 

Dan Spratling

Website | Twitter

Dan is a Bath-based UX Engineer and a freelance Digital Consultant. He is an expert in UX Design, accessibility, strategy and testing. 

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Jennifer Openshaw

GitHub | Twitter 

Jennifer is a North West-based software engineer at BAE systems. She is a history graduate who turned to coding after a career with the National Trust. 

Rob Allen

Website | Twitter 

Rob is a Worcester-based software consultant and developer concentrating on APIs. He runs Nineteen Feet and contributes to several open-source projects.

Emma Britnor

Website | Twitter

Emma is a London-based software engineer at Twitter working with Javascript, React and Gatsby. She is also an instructor at Code First Girls.

Catalin Pit

LinkedIn | Twitter 

Catalin is a London-based technical writer and a developer advocate at Hashnode. He has a YouTube channel, where he discusses tech-related hot topics and offers programming tutorials.

Jack Domleo

Website | Twitter

Jack is a Nottingham-based front-end developer at Mitrefinch. He works with Vue.js and TypeScript primarily, has authored a book about career advancement and writes a blog about tech.

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