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Published17 June 2021at15:08, updated on10 October 2022at15:54

SOC Analyst: Job Description cover

The role of the SOC (Security Operation Center) analyst is to monitor a company’s information systems. They must detect all suspicious and malicious activity on computer networks, whether they come from the inside or the outside.

In a world where cyberattacks are increasingly present, this role has become essential.

SOC Analyst: the job

Risk prevention

As the first step in their intervention, the SOC analyst must do risk prevention. They must play an evangelising role within the organization, communicating with employees around cyber risks and providing users with best practices for IT security.

Interpret and process alerts

When the SOC analyst detects a security breach or malicious activity, they must determine its source and impact. Following this extensive investigative work, they must implement the most effective and rapid course of action to resolve the problem. They must then put in place mechanisms to avoid a new threat.

Monitor and keep watch

The world of cybersecurity is evolving at great speed and new threats are emerging every day. They need to keep watch on all the threats and vulnerabilities that exist, as well as on new ways to protect themselves from them. The goal? To better anticipate and respond to long-term threats.

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Required Skills

IT security expertise

To be able to manage threats and find flaws in a company’s information systems, the SOC analyst must know how to use servers and security tools such as Proxies, Fireworks, antivirus, VPN.

Mastery of computer tools and languages

When they have to fix security vulnerabilities in information systems, they have to mobilise a very broad technical set of skills. Mastering Linux, Unix or Windows, as well as the programming languages ​​on which the company’s IT systems are based is often essential. Not all companies use the same computer languages ​​or the same security systems. When starting a new position, they must quickly adapt to different languages and be able to use them all.

Communication and teamwork skills

The analyst is in constant contact with users and works across the board with all departments of the company. They must demonstrate interpersonal skills such as the ability to collaborate and share knowledge.

The SOC Analyst within the industry

The SOC analyst role is one of the most sought-after jobs in cybersecurity. Its role is essential for the proper functioning of information systems, especially in a context where attacks are more and more commonplace.


The average daily rate of a SOC analyst oscillates between €350 and €700.

Training and education

To become a SOC Analyst, it is best to have an engineering background with a specialisation in cybersecurity.

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