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Published08 July 2021at11:24, updated on11 January 2023at16:22

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What is the role of the QlikView developer? Discover in this job description their missions, required skills, training and salary.

QlikView is one of the products of the Qlik company, a leading market leader in DataViz and BI tools alongside Tableau and Microsoft products like Power BI. Qlik is a company specialising in the development of data software, dashboards and self-service business intelligence products. 

To go into a little more detail, QlikView is a Business Intelligence platform facilitating self-service data interpretation. Thus, the QlikView solution enables big data analysis to be transformed into actionable insights. Globally, more than 24,000 companies use the QlikView platform. Thanks to its “Associative Difference” technology, the QlikView platform saves businesses time and allows users to easily consolidate, search, analyze and visualize their data. 

QlikView Developer: the job

Today, the use of big data has become commonplace and IT departments of enterprises are increasingly advanced in the use of BI solutions. This is where the QlikView Developer comes in. The role of this professional is to prepare prior data processing to adapt the tool to the business needs and the activities of the company. 

Their main missions are to collect and analyse business needs, write functional and technical specifications and implement the QlikView solution within the company. The QlikView Developer makes all the preparations for interpretation tools and data analysis tailored to each business. They are also responsible for modelling, designing and developing QlikView applications in line with the demands of the business. In addition, they ensure the correct and ongoing maintenance of the application. 

Required Skills

Technical skills

The QlikView developer should have a lot of technical skills related to the QlikView solution. They must know how to create a data model and a QlikView application. Moreover, they must be able to solve problems related to data structures. In addition, they must know how to define advanced uses of the script editor and master the concepts of synthetic tables and loops.

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Communication and openness

In addition to technical skills, they must be a good listener. They must take into account the business environment, deal with the different actors with whom they work and take into account the needs and demands of different users. Also, they must have a good team spirit, a methodical spirit, and a sense of thoroughness and analysis. 

Passion and curiosity

The QlikView Developer should be curious about the advancements in the web environment and popular technologies, staying up to date with new evelopments in this area. It is important that they are passionate about computers and new technologies, and also curious, dynamic and motivated. 

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Salary of the QlikView Developer

The average daily rate for a QlikView Developer is typically between 250 and 500 euros. 

Training and education of the QlikView Developer

To become a QlikView Developer, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is usually required. It is then possible to specialize in QlikView through specific training. There are also many online resources for professionals to learn QlikView.

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