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Published18 June 2020at10:30, updated on10 October 2022at15:57

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In the field of web development, there is a diversity of jobs depending on the programming language or environment concerned web developer, full-stack developer, swift developer, node.js developer… The React.js Developer is among these different specializations.

React.js is a JavaScript code library used for creating user interfaces. React.js developers are mainly responsible for front-end web application development.

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What is the role of a React.js Developer?

User interface development

Firstly, the main mission of the developer React.js lies in front-end development. Using the JavaScript library allows coders to quickly develop user interfaces. React.js is generally used for creating projects that require a certain aestheticism. Easier to read and write than PHP and offering good performance; React.js quickly won over the developers community and its adoption keeps on growing within the industry.

Unit testing

Further, performing unit tests makes it possible to verify that the developed application works perfectly and does not have any problem with its code linking.

In addition, it is a guarantee of quality that the developer must not neglect in their activities to perfectly meet the expectations of the client or project.

Writing technical documents

To avoid misunderstandings and to better cater to the end user’s needs, React.js developers may also be required to write technical documents.

Required skills of the React.js Developer

Mastery of languages

These developers must, of course, master the React environment.

For instance, being familiar with other languages ​​such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and a number of APIs… Technical tools and frameworks related to web development are also great complementary assets.


Moreover, the developer must be curious about the advances in web environments and cutting-edge technologies. In order to apply the latest innovations to the design of interfaces.


The web environment is constantly evolving with new tools and languages. This requires developers to be able to easily adapt to the changing ecosystem to remain at the forefront of development.

Within the industry

React.js was created in 2013 by Facebook to manage the network’s news feed. Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb or even WhatsApp use this library.

React appeals to developers because of its quick interface creation capabilities and ease of use.

Salary of the React.js Developer

The average daily rate of a React.js Developer fluctuates between €350 and €500.

Training of the React.js Developer

To become a React.js Developer, it is recommended to follow a computer engineering training specializing in web development. More specifically in React.js

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