Interview Tips: 5 key questions to ask to an IT freelancer during an interview



Published02 July 2020at12:40, updated on19 July 2022at17:26

Interview Tips: 5 key questions to ask to an IT freelancer during an interview cover

What are the 5 questions to ask to an IT freelancer during an interview? The way companies approach the selection process for IT consultants might well have changed forever due to COVID-19. CIOs and HR experts have moved IT hiring online, and things seem likely to stay that way from now on. Among the benefits: greater schedule flexibility, agility no need for travel and other expenses, agility. But remote interviewing also has its downsides.

It can be tricky to properly assess things like soft skills and cultural fit when you are not face-to-face with a candidate. Asking the right questions is key to ensure you are making the best staffing decision. Whereas hiring the right IT freelancer will bring great benefits to your projects and team, enlisting the wrong person will only multiply your problems.

These are the 5 questions to ask to an IT freelancer during an interview and that you should always cover.

1# Have you ever worked on a similar project, and if so, for what type of client?

You have a project for which you are looking for a freelance professional. Whether you are looking for a web developer or a SAP expert, the technical nature of the mission requires in-depth know-how from the consultant. Thus, it is first necessary to verify that the candidate has the necessary expertise and experience.

You can first ask them if they have ever been confronted with a similar project, in order to find out more about their experience on this type of mission. Moreover, suggest that they detail their previous gigs, giving details on the technical and organizational context of those projects.

Then, ask them who their previous clients were, whether they were large accounts or smaller companies. If the candidate tells you that they already have one or more similar experience (s), in a company in your sector and with a similar context, this is a real advantage, as they should be operational very quickly.

2# Faced with this or that technical problem, what actions would you put in place?

Freelance experience is important, but to test your candidate’s technical skills, do not hesitate to ask them one or more very concrete questions directly related to your project. How would you resolve this incident? What type of functionality or solution would you develop? Which computer language seems to you the most suited to this situation?

First, asking a hypothetical problem allows you to test the candidate’s ability to solve a problem, as well as to evaluate their technical understanding of your project. This will also give you a good overview of their analytical skills, as well as the interest they have in the area and project.

3# Could you tell me about a difficulty you encountered during a previous project, and how you coped with it?

Don’t forget to check for the essential soft skills in IT. Since your freelance consultant will effectively be a member of your team, evaluating traits like their interpersonal skills will be fundamental.

To assess them, you can ask questions that highlight the candidate’s team spirit and communication skills, as well as their ability to manage conflict and crisis situations. Favour open-ended questions to let the candidate express themselves, revealing their personality.

4# What is your availability? And your rates?

Make sure that the candidate’s expectations correspond with the conditions you propose for the assignment. This is obviously valid for the economic compensation, but also for all others terms of the contract. Is the candidate willing to come work on your premises if the mission requires it? Or will they be able to work remotely, and under what conditions? Will they have to plan trips to other sites? Will their professional expenses be covered? As you can see, there are many finer, concrete points on which you must make sure you agree with your candidate.

Then, in terms of availability, you must ensure that the candidate’s situation is compatible with the calendar aspects of your mission. Ask the candidate for their exact date of availability, and if they have any foreseeable impediments (vacation, for example). Thus, meeting deadlines is a crucial element in any professional relationship. In the case of a long-term assignment, you must ensure that the freelancer will be able to engage for the duration of the project.

5# What kind of projects really fascinate you?

The last of the 5 questions to ask to an IT freelancer during an interview is about what is the difference between a good and an excellent candidate? Passion. A tech freelancer or IT consultant who is genuinely interested in the project they are working on will undoubtedly be more involved and more efficient than a candidate with a “mercenary” profile.

Finally, the question of motivation is a key question which is all too often forgotten by recruiters and hiring companies. And yet it often makes all the difference.

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