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Network/Telecom Engineer: Job Description cover

As the guarantor of the smooth operation and quality of an organization’s networks (mobile, fiber optic, Internet, etc.), the Network/Telecom Engineer job is to define the needs and architecture of the telecommunications networks for which he or she is responsible.

In this job description, find out the duties, skills, permanent pay and working hours of the Network/Telecom Engineer, also known as Network Administrator, Network & Security Engineer or Telecoms Information System Manager (TIS).

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Network/Telecom Engineer: the job

What are the tasks of the Network/Telecom Engineer?

Project management and network implementation.

Firstly, the Network/Telecom Engineer identifies and analyzes the organization’s network requirements before overseeing the installation and parameterization of equipment and software.

This first phase of the job necessarily follows a study of technical choices and cost optimization, particularly for telephony (VoIP, video conferencing, etc.). Next, the Network/Telecom Engineer implements the interconnections between the company’s various networks, taking into account the user’s needs in terms of performance, such as power, speed, and stability.

Organization of network administration

The Network/Telecom Engineer oversees the installation of equipment (switches, routers, etc.) and network administration software. Then he or she sets up dashboards and monitors network performance and quality, as well as ensures the implementation of upgrades.

User support, network maintenance, and technology oversight

The third aspect of the Network/Telecom Engineer’s job is to help network administrators in case of failures or difficulties. In the event of a malfunction, he or she will need to check networks and propose solutions to ensure network uptime.

It is possible that this professional will be subject to on-call shifts during which he/she will maintain the network. He or she must also perform technology surveillance. To anticipate network optimization developments. So to suggest IT investments to ensure security, reliability, and performance of equipment.

Required skills of the Network/Telecom Engineer

Expertise in networks.

To work in this field, the Network/Telecom Engineer must be skilled in the administration of networks and systems such as routers or firewalls. Good knowledge of networking and telecommunication protocols (TCP/IP, Ethernet, LAN, etc.) and telecommunication and Internet technologies (DNS, SSH, FTP, etc.) is essential.

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Good computer skills

Of course, a broader knowledge of computer technologies is part of the basics. In fact, a Network/Telecom Engineer must be able to master infrastructure software, such as operating systems or mail servers. They must also be familiar with databases.

Adaptability and curiosity

The Network/Telecoms Engineer must be a versatile agent who can assist different types of users. They must be able to adapt quickly to their contacts and technological developments. Due to the risks associated with possible failures, resilience to stress is also required.


The average salary of this professional on a permanent contract is 60000 € gross per year. The average daily rate of a Network/Telecom Engineer is generally between 400 and 700 €.

The compensation rate in permanent and freelance contracts depends on seniority and location.

Education and training

To become a Network/Telecoms Engineer, the ideal is to have a Master’s degree specialized in computer science, networks and telecommunications. Indeed, these profiles are generally from an engineering school. Some professional certifications in tools (such as CISCO) may be required.

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