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Published12 September 2022at15:47, updated on11 January 2023at08:52

Storage and Backup Engineer: Job Description cover

As computer data grows exponentially and its storage becomes increasingly difficult, the job of the Storage and Backup Engineer is to manage this issues on behalf of a company. Their profile is increasingly sought after in the job market.

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Difference between storage and backup

Before delving into the Storage and Backup Engineer job description, let’s define what storage and backup mean:

  • Storage is a means of keeping data safe in local or online servers. With existing storage architectures, it is possible to accumulate as much data as you want according to the volume available on your server or subscription;
  • Backup is about the security and perpetuation of this data.

Storage and Backup Engineer: the job

The main job of the Storage and Backup Engineer is to develop and manage an organization’s hardware and software systems. To this end, they are often responsible for a team of technicians that they coordinate.

This professional often works in a difficult environment. They must constantly seek new solutions to the exponential demands of data retention. They must also deal with the problem of data durability and access.

Required skills of the Storage and Backup Engineer

What are the required skills of the Storage and Backup Engineer?

Technical Skills

To qualify for the position of Storage and Backup Engineer, it is essential to demonstrate good skills and/or knowledge of systems such as Microsoft Azure, VMware, Hyper-V, NetApp… It is also necessary to be familiar with the various IT tools that the company uses.


Flexibility is an essential skill for a storage and backup engineer. They must be able to solve problems in real-time, day and night, during the week or on weekends.

Demonstrate responsibility and rigor

Given the level of responsibility of the position, this job requires great rigor because data is considered vital to a business.


Depending on the company, region, and level of experience of the Storage and Backup Engineer, average daily rates are generally between 400 and 900 euros.

Education and training

To conclude, recommended education is generally a 4/5 year degree in engineering or computer science, with a specialization in data storage and backup.

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