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Published13 September 2022at11:36, updated on11 January 2023at14:38

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In this Robotics Engineer job description we provide you with all the information you need to know to access this profession.

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Robotics Engineer: the job

Robotics engineers work on all kinds of robots, with all kinds of functionalities and vocations. They are usually involved in specific stages of designing or optimizing a robot.

Therefore, their missions range from research to creation to maintenance of the robots they have designed. In mechanics, mathematics, computer science, and many other fields, robotics covers a wide range of areas of expertise!

The following is a description of the main tasks of the robotics engineer’s job.

Defining the feasibility of a design and its constraints

When the robotics engineer works on the design of a robot, they begin by noting specific requirements and tasks. They then develops technical proposals and defines the design methods to use. To this end, they produce what they call a data-sheet or specification.

Creating an initial prototype and analyzing the results

This prototype allows them to participate in the development and implementation of tests and validation trials. Then, once the tests and trials are done, they analyze the results and determine where to improve the product or process.

Ensuring follow-up

The robotic engineer must ensure follow-up throughout the process, and once the robot is designed, he or she often provides technical assistance and may work on optimization projects.

Required skills of the Robotics Engineer

What are the required skills to work as Robotics Engineer?

Versatility and good general technical knowledge

A robotics engineer must have a high level of technical competence and in particular good scientific knowledge: mathematics, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc., and of course familiarity with the various computer and programming tools specific to robotics.


This is a job that requires a lot of rigor, as the slightest mistake can often have serious repercussions. This rigor also reflects in their knowledge, which they must update regularly while keeping up with technological developments.

Analytical skills and creativity

The Robotic Engineer must have good analytical skills and be creative. These are, in fact, soft skills that will enable them to find the appropriate solution when a problem arises.

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As the robotics industry is growing rapidly, with revenues of more than $100 billion, robotics engineers can work in a research center (public or private), in small companies specializing in robotics, in SMEs, or in innovative start-ups.
Therefore, there are many outlets in a wide variety of industries: automotive, medical, aeronautics, etc.


The average daily rate of a Robotics Engineer depends a lot on the level of experience and expertise, but is generally between 500 and 1000 €.

Education and training

To conclude this job description of the Robotics Engineer, let’s talk about the educational background.

To become a Robotics Engineer, the ideal is to have an engineering degree with a specialization in automation, robotics, mechatronics, and electronics. It is also possible to enter this profession with a master’s degree or a specialized doctorate.

As for the evolution, it can evolve towards project management or team management.

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