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Published13 September 2022at16:16, updated on11 January 2023at14:31

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Helping companies protect themselves from hackers or overly curious competitors: this is the main task of the Cybersecurity Expert job.

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Cybersecurity Expert: the job

Firstly, the Cybersecurity Expert job within a company is to anticipate flaws related to data protection in the information system and secure them. They establish a diagnosis that enables them to identify all security flaws and then provide protection solutions.

With an obligation to achieve the results, they are also responsible for training the company’s staff in good data protection and information security practices.

Let’s look in detail at the steps involved in being a Cybersecurity Expert.

Performing a diagnosis of the information system

Sometimes assisted by volunteer hackers or intrusion professionals, the cybersecurity expert first studies the information system in its entirety. This diagnosis allows them to propose solutions for maximum security (protection from attacks, but also confidentiality). Through this diagnosis, they then mainly try to identify the weak points of the system.

Setting up various security processes

In close collaboration with IT specialists and the heads of the various departments, the cybersecurity expert defines a security strategy suitable for the company’s needs. This strategy consists of a comprehensive set of procedures, from password management to encryption (encryption and decryption of outgoing and incoming messages), via firewalls, antivirus software, etc.

Ensuring the durability of security systems

To develop solutions and ensure their sustainability, the cybersecurity expert must know the law and specific regulations and be well-informed about new technologies. They must also be able to update security systems according to new threats and the latest technologies.

Required skills of the Cybersecurity Expert

Solid knowledge

The Cybersecurity Expert must have a solid knowledge of security system development. They must also regularly update their knowledge on the latest threats on the Internet.

Anticipation and responsiveness

The Cybersecurity Expert must have an excellent sense of anticipation since their work is primarily based on prevention and vulnerability management. They must also be extremely responsive and know how to handle pressure when security problems arise.

A good teacher

This professional must be a good teacher and maintain a good working relationship with colleagues. Because these are two key elements that will help him/her raise awareness among colleagues about information system security.


For the past few years, companies have been allocating more and more of their budget to IT security. Faced with the explosion of cybercrime, and with the increasing complexity of information systems, companies are often looking for new cybersecurity specialists.


The average daily rate for a cybersecurity expert is between 300 and 600€.

Education and training

In conclusion, to become a cybersecurity expert, it is necessary to have a 5-year degree. You can pursue an engineering degree with a specialization in computer security. Or to follow a master’s degree in computer science with a specialization in computer systems security. These two courses are highly appreciated.

The security of a company’s data is now a strategic issue. This is why cybersecurity will often have a special status within a company. After a few years of experience, the cybersecurity expert can move towards positions such as information system manager or director.

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