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Published16 September 2022at10:36, updated on11 January 2023at14:28

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The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) is in charge of technical innovation and the deployment of technologies adapted to the development and efficiency of a company’s activities. As a consequence, the CTO is one of the most important technology-related positions in a company. He/she leads the technology or engineering department.

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Chief Technical Officer (CTO): the job

Usually the highest-level information technology (IT) specialist in a company, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the executive who manages the technical requirements of an organization. In other words, they must ensure that software, hardware, and technology processes are capable of serving the company’s members and customers. The CTO must always be well informed about all aspects of technology.

But, what are the tasks of a chief technical officer?

Oversight of all IT projects in the company

The CTO reviews the company’s short- and long-term technology needs through a technical audit. This will enable him or her to identify the company’s aging or obsolete facilities.

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Define the company’s innovation strategy

The CTO formulates development policies on infrastructure and innovation. To this end, he or she makes technology investments to help the company achieve its goals and increase revenues.

Providing innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions

The CTO plays a key role internally. He or she may also have to play a sales role in dealing with potential customers and clients.

Required skills of the Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Excellent computer skills

The CTO must be an expert in: web, programming languages and development in general. This will help them understand the problems and goals of his projects. These skills also enable him to manage technical teams.

Delegation and team management skills

The CTO is, primarily, a manager. Thus, they must lead and motivate their teams toward the same goals. They work closely with the technical profiles that make up their teams and with the company’s management.

Being visionaries and strategists

The CTO must also be able to implement the best business strategies and power the technology infrastructure. To do this, he or she must analyze the target markets and keep a constant eye on the situation.

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Since R&D has been an essential strategic component of companies for many years, the rise of information technology and the digitization of companies have reinforced the importance of the Chief Technology Officer. Today he or she is employable within large companies as well as smaller structures such as start-ups.


The average daily rate for a CTO is between 600 and 1,000 euros.

Education and training

In conclusion, the CTO must hold a five-year degree from a university, computer science school, or engineering school. However, this position is not accessible after graduation, but rather, in general, after 5-10 years of experience.

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