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Published27 September 2022at09:46, updated on28 February 2023at09:38

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The Quality Manager is the guarantor of the quality of the company’s (or client’s) IT products. They define and accompany the implementation of new procedures and work methods while including the various regulatory and technical constraints.

Nowadays, the job of the Quality Manager is oriented towards the problems of respecting data security and the application assets of companies.

In this article you will find a detailed job description for the Quality Manager.

Quality Manager: the job description

The Quality Manager is a professional who ensures that all of a company’s products satisfy consistent standards. He or she develops and implements quality control tests to ensure that the company’s performance is as desired, inspecting the various stages of production and reporting on the results obtained to take action where necessary.

But what are the main tasks of the quality manager? What are his or her responsibilities and duties? The nature of the Quality Manager’s work is described below.

Compliance with the quality of products and methods

The main task of this position is, of course, to ensure that the quality of products and methods that teams use within the company are in accordance with current procedures and legal standards. They must also consider the quality objectives of their company.
Setting standards and methods, integrating existing standards, and adapting them to the structure are also part of the Quality Manager’s daily work.

Audit and testing

One component of the quality manager’s job is to conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with standards. To do so, they develop tests to verify the use of the standards. This allows him or her to detect nonconformities and ensure a level of quality in the processes. It is then the responsibility of the quality manager to oversee the company’s entire IT production chain.

Change management

The quality manager assists in change management during the implementation of quality processes, with the support of business departments. They are responsible for overseeing the change caused by the implementation of new processes.

Required skills of the Quality Manager

But what does it take to become a Quality Manager? Let’s take a look at the skills required of the Quality Manager.

Quality control and rigor

The basis of the management profession is the mastery of quality assurance. It is necessary to master audit procedures, standards, and protocols. In addition, these competencies must be complemented by a sound knowledge of information technology.

Managerial role

Given the cross-functional nature of the business and the different departments with which they work, the quality manager must demonstrate a sense of dialogue to ensure compliance with rules and methodological tools. This is also necessary for change management.

Strength of proposal

One of the key competencies of a Quality Manager is the ability to persuade. Indeed, being a proposal force is essential for quality improvements to take place.


Since the democratization of the ISO 27001 standard on information security management systems, quality managers have steered their careers toward positions that address compliance with the security of companies’ data and application assets.

Career path of the Quality Manager

Depending on the size of the company, the Quality Manager is responsible for larger and larger areas. It is also possible to advance to positions such as operations manager, technical director or even CIO.

Salary of the Quality Manager

The average salary is 400 for a junior profile. But it can be double that for a senior profile.

Education and training

A four- or five-year bachelor’s degree from an engineering school, an undergraduate master’s degree, or even a business school is required for this type of position. However, knowledge of software development is often necessary.

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