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Published27 September 2022at15:14, updated on11 January 2023at14:18

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The Director of Information Systems job is a position that combines technical and managerial skills. This role requires the individual to be able to manage multiple responsibilities at the same time. In this article you will find a detailed job description of the Director of Information Systems.

They are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of their company’s information systems department and for the development and implementation of long-term strategies for improving those systems.

This professional must possess strong leadership skills to manage their teams effectively. They must also be detail-oriented individuals who can keep track of several projects simultaneously.

Director of Information System job description

The Director of Information System is responsible for the entire information system of the company he or she works for. Their role is to ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives.

Let’s see in details what are the main tasks of the Director of Information Systems.

Information system manager

The Director of Information Systems is responsible for the smooth operation of the company’s information system, which they look after from both the IT and telecommunications perspectives. To this end, he or she studies the needs of all lines of business of the company in order to apply the strategy accordingly. They are also responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of the information system.

Key role in the management

Generally, the Director of Information Systems is part of the company’s management, given the budgetary and managerial responsibility of the position. They are required to report on their activities, particularly at management meetings, in the form of a business unit by business unit. It must justify the costs applied to these units to provide a return on the IT investments made.


One of the requirements for the Director of Information Systems position, which is acquired over time, is managerial ability. The quality of leading people is crucial for this type of position, as human relationships can easily deteriorate due to deadline-related stress. The Director of Information’s negotiation skills will be important, especially in dealing with service providers.

Required skills of the Director of Information Systems

But, what does it take to be a Director of Information Systems? What follow are the main required skills for this position.

General technical knowledge

Obviously, it is necessary to have technical expertise in all components of the information system: infrastructure, data, applications…. Second, the Director of Information Systems must have a clear vision of the innovation and change management to implement.

Listening skills

In addition to technical skills, the Director of Information Systems is a leader of people and a visionary. They manage internal teams and deal with service providers. They are therefore responsible for all information system improvements.

Rigor and strength of the proposal

As a member of the management team and the first point of contact with service providers, the Director of Information Systems must be able to negotiate both an internal budget and the price of goods or services from outside. However, this should not affect the ability to listen to others to the detriment of the relationship with employees.


The position of the Director of Information Systems is a key role in a company and involves participation in management committees. Being a position of high responsibility, evolution will be horizontal. However, general management functions are also accessible, but more rarely.

Salary of the Director of Information Systems

There is no specific training for to the position of the Director of Information Systems. Senior IT professionals with 8 to 10 years of experience are the ones who can access this type of position. It is therefore necessary to have proven oneself. The average daily salary of an information systems director is between 800 and 1000 euros.

Education and training of the Director of Information Systems

In addition to technical education, with a BAC+5 engineering degree or a DESSS/DEA in computer science, the Director of Information Systems can also supplement this with an MBA.

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