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Published29 October 2020at13:16, updated on21 July 2022at11:20

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SEO, or natural referencing, has become a key point in generating quality traffic on a website. And users are growing more impatient: 91% of clicks are on the first page of the search engine. It is hence essential for a company to devote resources to maximising its online visibility. Enter the SEO Expert.

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What is the role of the SEO Expert?

Performing an audit

The SEO Expert is often called upon by a company to review its SEO strategy. Their first mission is to analyse the current state of the site (metadata, keywords, etc.), the target, the impact (click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.), as well as the websites of competitors.

Strategy prescription

Once the analysis phase has been completed, the SEO Expert will be able to define an action plan and establish the strategy to be put in place to optimise the visibility of the site, according to the company’s sector of activity. Then it’s time to define the most effective keywords, optimise internal and external links, and reorganise the pages of the site depending on the positioning and objectives of the website.

Implementation and monitoring, performance measurement

They must then coordinate the implementation of all actions in conjunction with the technical teams. Experts must also manage the SEO teams if these exist, and work together with the content creation teams. They must put in place best practices and follow up to ensure their application. Finally, they must analyse whether the measures put in place have been effective and see if further actions are necessary.

Required skills of the SEO Expert

Knowledge of SEO tools and internet languages

Experts must have in-depth technical knowledge: they must know how to use basic SEO tools such as Google Analytics or Semrush as well as more specific tools. These tools are used during the analytical phase of a project and to measure the results of the actions implemented. It is also useful to have knowledge of HTML, CSS or even Javascript.

Analytical mind and rigour

The SEO Expert must be perfectly comfortable with numbers and master the (many) KPIs essential to their activity. They must also be organised and show great rigour, prioritising tasks and building a precise action plan. Since SEO is a discipline that evolves very quickly, the expert must update their knowledge very regularly, in particular regarding search engine algorithms.

Interpersonal skills

The SEO expert must be a good communicator. They have to work in conjunction with several teams and relay information. The Expert must also have deep knowledge of the company’s field of activity to design a proper SEO strategy. That also involves knowing how to put themselves in the shoes of the target audience.

Within the industry

The SEO profession is increasingly popular because of the thousands of websites being created every day. Companies are engaged in real battles of visibility, and the SEO Expert is at their forefront. SEO experts can work in an agency, in the marketing department of a company, or operate as independent consultants.

Salary of the SEO Expert

The average daily rate fluctuates between €250 and €600.

Training of the SEO Expert

To access this role, it is recommended to have a university degree from a marketing or engineering school.

It is possible to start with a professional license (e.g. SEO or web editor), then complete a master’s degree in digital communication, multimedia and e-commerce.

The competition is strong and it is often necessary to garner several years of experience before obtaining the desired position.

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