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Published29 January 2020at10:21, updated on10 October 2022at15:58

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IoT is undoubtedly a rapidly expanding field. Accordingly, the IoT consultant role is on the rise. An IoT consultant is involved in the development of IoT projects in all types of companies. They can also help a company transform its existing products into connected objects as part of a global innovation process.

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What is the role of the IoT Consultant?

Support and advise the company before, during and after making the decision to enter the IoT space.

The first step in the IoT consultant’s mission is often to analyse the situation and understand the level of stakeholder awareness. The world of connected objects is complex, therefore the consultant must ensure that the project is coherent and beneficial for the company.

They must also assess the opportunities and risks that connected objects can offer in relation to the specific context of a company (sector, products, customer uses, internal organization, etc.). They then estimate the investment required, in terms of time and costs for a given project.

Identify customer needs and define a strategy

Further, the IoT consultant must make recommendations that take into account the capabilities and constraints of the company. For example, it can perform an IT and technology audit, design a business plan, and design an implementation plan.

Develop complex analytical solutions

In addition, the IoT consultant often plays a key role in drafting the project’s specifications, all in coordination with the other departments of the company. They can then subsequently manage the implementation of the project, playing a coordinating role to ensure the correct deployment and monitoring of the projects concerned. This process covers the implementation of IoT products and services, as wells as of user training and support procedures.

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Required Skills

Listening skills and excellent analytical skills

The IoT consultant must also demonstrate great listening skills to best meet the expectations of their client. Their adaptability must also allow them to interact with any type of interlocutor, regardless of their level of seniority or their knowledge of IoT technologies.

Advanced technical knowledge

The IoT consultant must obviously have a deep and broad knowledge of information and communication technologies and, in particular, of the latest technologies developed in terms of connected objects. They must also be able to work with technical experts whose language they must understand and have mastered.

The soul of a leader

Moreover, to lead a team and convince them to embark on often profound changes, IoT consultants must be able to assert their ideas, as well as to get their clients to trust them, despite possible resistance from certain stakeholders.

Great responsiveness and curiosity

Dynamic, lively, reactive, they must learn how to continuously evolve in an often-complex customer context, be creative and keep strengthening their proposal skills.


To access this profession, one must go to engineering school (some have IoT-focused programmes or specializations).

Dual management skills in a business school are also highly appreciated.

And, remember — An IoT consultant is an expert. Access to this role is therefore not possible right after graduation. Job seekers must first have experience in business and in project management related to the Internet of Things.

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