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IT Business Analyst : Job Description cover

The role of the IT Business Analyst aims to bridge the gap between the various operational departments and the IT department. Their main mission? To ensure the alignment of a company’s IT systems and its strategic business objectives. They are in charge of analysing business needs and translating them into technical objectives.

The main difference between a classic Business Analyst and an IT Business Analyst is that the latter does not delegate the operational part of the project.

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IT Business Analyst: the job

Identify IT issues

Firstly, the IT Business Analyst will identify all sources of wasted time, energy or money within the company’s IT systems. They will therefore start by analysing all processes, tools and uses to identify areas for improvement.

Develop a strategy

After carrying out their analysis, the IT analyst expert will then define an action plan and lay the foundations for the project. The goal of the project may be, for example, to improve production, sales, customer relationship management, information flow or even logistics. Their field of action is therefore extremely wide.

Implement the strategy

Unlike the classic Business Analyst, they will be in charge of the project through its operational part. That is to say, after having defined the strategy, they will be in contact with the development teams to directly manage the implementation of new IT systems or the optimisation of existing ones.

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Required Skills of the IT Business Analyst

Analysis and decision making

In order to develop the best possible strategy, the IT Business Analyst must analyse IT systems down to the smallest detail and determine how they can be improved. In some cases, they must consider if it’s worth it to replace the entire existing system.

Ability to adapt

Moreover, an IT Business Analysis consultant may be required to work in various industries. They must quickly become acquainted with the market, the operations of the company, and the computer systems it uses. They must have technical knowledge of these systems, but they must also understand how teams use them.

Technical and strategic monitoring

To develop the best possible strategies, they must also be constantly informed of new developments concerning IT systems, computing and business.

Mastery of programming language

In addition, As part of the development team, they often have to master programming languages ​​like SQL, Java, NET, C ++, Python …

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The IT Business Analyst within the industry

The analyst can work in any industry and within various companies as long as the information system and organisation are large enough.

Salary of the IT Business Analyst

The average daily rate is between €400 and €700, depending on experience and the type of profile.

Training and education

To access this profession, it is recommended to have a relevant university degree. A master’s degree in Economics / Business / Management or in Computer Sciences is a big plus.

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