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Published22 October 2020at12:34, updated on21 July 2022at11:18

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Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that allows companies to streamline and optimise their interactions with their customers. The Salesforce consultant is on the IT side of customer relations and specialises in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their role involves advising companies on the implementation strategy and carrying out studies to address all customer requirements.

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What is the role of the Salesforce Consultant?

Define user needs and write specifications

Above all, the first task of the Salesforce Consultant is to collect the company´s needs and offer a set of Salesforce tools that address what the team is trying to achieve. Once the information has been collected, the consultant must write the specification describing the project´s needs and the proposed solutions.

Managing the development of the Salesforce ecosystem

Once the needs and specifications are established, the consultant is in charge of setting up the various tools and managing their development. They often keep assisting the team throughout the project´s life, helping optimise the system and the customer relationship strategy.

User training

Another key mission of the consultant is user training. Once the tools are deployed, the consultant must help teach users how to take advantage of them and help them get a good grip on the platform in general.

Required skills of the Salesforce Consultant

Mastery of the Salesforce CRM tool

The expert must, of course, have perfect knowledge of the Salesforce platform. And have a good understanding of the various tools available within it.

Analytical spirit and rigour

Also, a Salesforce Consultant must have a good analytical mind and good organisational skills. They should be able to process databases and extract relevant analyses to improve the customer relationship strategy in place.

Knowledge of marketing and sales

In addition, to be able to understand the needs of the team; it is useful for the consultant to know and master the essentials of client and prospect relationships. It pays to have a 360° view of business processes and the specifics of the market in which the company operates.

Within the industry

A Salesforce Consultant can work in a wide variety of organisations; consulting firms specializing in IS, or companies that use this solution, all sectors combined.

Salary of the Salesforce Consultant

The average daily rate fluctuates between €300 and €800.

Training of the Salesforce Consultant

In conclusion, to access this role, it is recommended to have a university degree from a business or engineering school. It is also possible to access this profession by having completed a professional master’s degree specialising in Customer Relations and Marketing. Or in Management Sciences. To specialise in Salesforce CRM, the consultant should later take specific training provided by Salesforce or any third-party training organization. 

The Salesforce Consultant can evolve into the manager of a team of consultants or an in-house Salesforce. They can also transition to another customer relationship management solution.

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