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A booming technology, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) promotes productivity gains through the automation of business processes. The key: eliminating tedious tasks, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

In this job description, you’ll learn about the missions, salary and skills of the RPA Consultant, a highly sought-after profile in today’s business world, particularly in digital services companies.

What is the role of the RPA Consultant?

Their role is to support the technical design of the automation of business processes in its entirety.

Definition of the RPA strategy

The first part of an RPA Consultant’s job is to define the automation strategy in close collaboration with the client or the IT department, adopting a robotic worksite planning approach. This first step involves a diagnostic to identify possible robotisation options as well as a POC (proof of concept).

Automation process implementation

Once the strategy is defined, the RPA Consultant begins configuring the tools and deploying all of the automation for each process. The key here is to work to develop new rules while respecting the constraints defined by the RPA protocol.

Tests and presentation of the robots to the teams

Finally, the RPA Consultant takes care of the unit tests and validates the functional specifications put in place. They also participate in the development of the user manual for the operational implementation of the robots and the presentation of the robots to the company’s teams.

Required skills

Strong knowledge of software security

With an IT background, the RPA Consultant has an appetite for information systems and automation and/or robotisation. They are masters of tools such as RPA UI Path, Pega or Blue Prism.

Mastery of Agile methods

The profession of RPA Consultant requires you to know agile project management methods (Scrum, Kaban) & Cycle in V. This method recommends setting short-term objectives, dividing the project into several sub-projects. Once the first goal is reached, the team moves on to the next until the end goal is achieved. This is an agile way of working.

Rigour and curiosity

Rigour and curiosity are essential qualities for an RPA Consultant. As an expert, they must be able to use tools and working methodologies that allow them to track the progress of projects in a meticulous manner. They must also show great curiosity to constantly update their knowledge and skills.

Within the industry

The RPA Consultant is an expert who can be found in all type of modern companies. However, it is a position that makes more sense for digital services companies and other big organisations with lots of time-consuming processes that can be easily automated. Think of insurance or book-keeping companies.


The average daily rate for an RPA Consultant ranges between €400 and €800.


A college degree in IT can be an excellent steppingstone to this technical position. However, it is advisable to complement that degree with dedicated licenses and certifications. An advanced degree in AI and Machine Learning can help a great deal.

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