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Published16 July 2020at17:44, updated on02 August 2022at11:23

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The e-CRM (electronic customer relationship management) project manager position is at the crossroads of the IT, marketing and sales functions. This role occupies an important place in the field of customer relations on the web; since it coordinates the implementation of digital campaigns across all of the digital platforms of a company.

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What is the role of the e-CRM Project Manager?

Build the appropriate databases

The experts must first identify the target customers in order to adapt all pertinent actions according to the objectives set. They must then define the means to collect all the relevant data for a given customer. For example, age, family situation, opinion on a product, etc., and they must set up the according processes.

Develop programs to connect with customers

Further, the e-CRM Project Manager must use the right methods to create links with customers and retain them. For example by sending email campaigns. The objectives are to better understand the consumer and retain them to develop sales and generate profit. One of the priorities of the position is therefore to analyze the behaviour of users and their browsing habits.

Put in place strategies to offer products that meet customer expectations

In addition, the goal of the e-CRM Project Manager is to provide value to the customer. To meet their purchasing potential and follow the evolution of their tastes. They need to define a strategy for leveraging visitor and customer data and implement e-CRM solutions to offer products adapted to the profile of each contact. They then set up automated campaigns and tracks their actions to measure ROI.

Required skills to

Excellent analytical and project management skills

The e-CRM Project Manager must also know the client and develop a link between them and the company. For this, they must have robust data processing and analytical skills and a strong appetite for project management.

Good ability to interpret customer reactions

Good interpersonal skills are a must here. The expert is in direct contact with the client and must have good interpersonal skills to be able to interpret user behaviours and needs.

Strong technical knowledge of digital tools

The expert in e-CRM Project Management must have perfect knowledge of the various digital tools employed by the company. In order to carry out the relevant analysis, ensure the correct implementation and monitoring of campaigns. They must also master statistical tools.

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The E-CRM Project Manager within the industry

This job has been very popular for some years now and keeps attracting more and more young graduates in commerce, IT or marketing. However, there are not that many available positions, and the hiring rate is relatively low due to strong competition.

This role has developed in many sectors of activity: e-commerce, banking, insurance, telecoms …

Salary of the e-CRM Projet Manager

The average daily rate fluctuates between €500 and €900.

Training of the e-CRM Project Manager

Most e-CRM Project Managers have a university-level degree. Studies in sociology and training as a webmaster also help you gain access to this kind of position. But you should know that prior professional experience is essential before becoming an e-CRM Project Manager.

In terms of evolution; after a few years of experience as an expert in e-CRM Project Management, it is possible to occupy a position of marketing director in a relatively technical context.

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