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Jira is a multifunction platform developed by Atlassian which facilitates the management of development projects and Agile projects. It is a tracking software that allows teams to define tasks, identify blockages and share information. This tool is designed specifically to meet the needs of teams working in Scrum or Kanban.

The Jira Administrator is an expert in this tool. As part of the development of software or application, they play a transversal role to manage requests, raise anomaly tickets, validate workflows, etc.

What is the role of the Jira Administrator?

Within an IT team, the Jira Administrator is responsible for performing the administration of Jira projects, ensuring optimal use of the tool and providing technical support.

Analyse and evaluate technical specifications

Jira is a comprehensive tool which fits into the complex structure of a company’s information system. At first, the job of the Jira Administrator involves analysing the existing IT ecosystem and the organisation of the development teams in order to make proposals consistent with the operational needs of the project.

Deployment and configuration of the tool

Next, the Jira Administrator is responsible for implementing the changes validated upstream by the functional administration unit. They work in JQL (Jira Query Language), creating workflows and forms.

Documentation and support for migration projects

The Jira Administrator is responsible for writing, updating and publishing documentation dealing with the efficient use of tools, practices and procedures. It is also its duty to provide the necessary support and supervision to development teams in order to ensure the correct use of tools and respect for defined processes.

Required skills


The Jira Administrator must be a driving force in the evolution of the use of tools, as well as and be in a process of continuous improvement. IT departments need people who go forward on their own to anticipate problems and, above all, find solutions to resolve them.

Great educational qualities

The Jira Administrator must be able to interact in a pedagogical manner with the rest of the teams. They must be able to adapt to the different situations encountered and to different interlocutors. They must be able to present the project, convince and lead the team towards a common goal.

Technical mastery

The job of Jira Administrator obviously requires in-depth knowledge of Jira, but also mastery of Agile project management methodologies. Usually, knowledge of the JQL language and tools such as Script Runner (scripts in Groovy language), Bitbucket, Team calendars, or even All-in-One Reports is required.


The average daily rate for a Jira Administrator ranges between €400 and €800.


To become a Jira Administrator, it is often required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Systems Management, Digital Information Management or another appropriate discipline.

But note that other combinations of relevant education and experience, such as holding the Scrum Master Certification, may be considered.

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