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Published03 March 2021at07:21, updated on10 October 2022at16:10

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One of the most common questions that get floated around online discussion groups about IT careers is how to prepare for technical interviews. These are a natural step for positions that require a very specific set of skills. And for which “faking it until you make it” is simply not an option.  

What kind of coding challenge should you prepare for when applying for a junior React.js developer position? What sort of test will you need to pass if you want to become a cloud architect at an industry-leading business?  

Well, sorry to disappoint, but there are almost as many answers to these questions as technical positions and companies exist out there. Each technological niche and practice will require you to focus on a different interview prep strategy.  

Yet there is no need to panic. A bit of common sense and some broad-reaching advice can go a long way.  

Prepare for technical interviews: Do some basic research 

There is just so much that you can find online these days. Visit the aforementioned Internet forums and look for what recruiters and other experts in your line of work have to way. Chances are someone has already asked something pretty similar to your question.  

Review sites like Glassdoor often provide past interview questions and will give you a feel for what you are about to face. Dedicated LinkedIn groups are also a great source of insider information.  

Finally, do not hesitate to reach out to experts themselves. Whether it is a recruitment specialist or a Twitter back-end development star; they will more often than not be more than happy to point you to the best way forward. 

Educate yourself 

Now that you know what you need, go get it. As an IT professional, you are already probably used to the idea of continuing education. Identify what online courses, series of YouTube videos, or coding sites you should follow.  

Get an official certification if it makes sense for that specific application. Even if you don’t end up getting the job, you will be able to list it on your CV. But you will also be able to make the certificate count towards your eligibility for that specific application. So you will have a higher probability of getting the job.  

Practice and practice again 

No secret recipes here. Prepare for the technical interviews by going through a homemade practice test, correct it, learn from it. And repeat the process. If you have a friend or acquaintance that can help you review it, then now is the time to call them. It is also time to open yourself up to constructive criticism.  

Also, when the moment of truth comes, approach every real technical interview as an opportunity to practice and get better. That will take some pressure off of your shoulders and let you focus on the problem-solving you are so good at.  

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