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Web developer: Job Description cover

Professionals in computer languages, the web developers work on all the functionalities of a website. From a set of specifications, they analyze the different needs of the company in which they carries out their mission. They then propose a tailor-made solution. Discover in our job description below their missions, skills, training and salary.

Web developer: the job

The Web developers intervenes on the technical functionalities of the site of the company in which they carries out their mission. The sectors of activity in which it operates can be very varied: transport, insurance, trade, etc.
In the company, they are functionally attached to the technical project manager.

Technical analysis

When starting a mission in a new company, the first task of the web developers is to fully understand the needs and specifications of their client. It first lists the features requested in the specifications; then lists the existing solutions and checks for each feature whether or not it exists in the listed solutions. This initial work allows them to provide their opinion to the client on the most relevant technical solution to be implemented. They can then choose to completely build the site or decide to use an already existing solution. Such as Framework or CMS (Content Management System).

Website design

After the technical analysis, the web developer must design the website while respecting the specifications. The visual and technical architecture as well as the database of the site are determined during this stage.

Website programming

During the programming phase, they respect good practices and chooses the language used in the case where the site is fully developed. If it is built from an already existing solution, They make changes and adaptations to the solution that has been retained.

Testing and validation

After programming, the developers enter a testing and validation phase. They will be in charge of testing each functionality of the site as well as their good functionality between them. They will then have to validate all the expected functionalities and conduct validation tests.

Technical support and technology watch

The last step of the mission consists in following the evolution of the site created over time. It will be necessary to correct any problems and troubleshoot users. In addition, technologies are changing rapidly. It will be necessary to ensure the sustainability of the solutions implemented on the site; and, why not make them evolve with new programming languages, if necessary.

Web developer : skills required

Mastery of languages used for web development

To exercise this profession, it is essential to master the programming languages PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, SQL, Java, ASP… You must also know how to use CMS and Framework tools, but also code editing tools.

Capacity for continuous self-training

The Internet and programming languages are changing rapidly. A good web developer must therefore be able to self-train on new programming concepts; on developments or new languages; and also on developments or new technical solutions (CMS and framework).


For some missions the web developers work alone. They must therefore be able to exercise they profession independently.


The web developer must be creative when designing a website.


The job of web developer has a bright future. Indeed, since its invention, the internet continues to evolve. Pushing the limits of creativity and development capabilities. Many companies do not have the skills or the personnel necessary to guarantee their effective presence on the Internet. They are therefore looking for web developer profiles.

After having worked on various projects, this professional can progress to the function of technical director and supervise several web developers. They can also move towards functions such as web technical project manager; IT Project Manager; webmaster; web architect; architect S.I.

Their average daily rate depends on several parameters such as their experience and specialty. It is between 350€ and 450€ per day.

Training and education of the Web developer

The best is to enter a training course delivering a bac +5 level diploma (specialized masters, engineering schools, masters in computer science, etc.). However, companies recruit web developers with varying levels of education.

Following a school education allows you to understand the structure of computer languages. But the future web developer will have to stay on constant watch to stay up to date.

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