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Published06 August 2021at19:39, updated on09 August 2022at14:19

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What is the role of the CRM consultant or expert? How to become a CRM consultant? What are the required skilled and the salary expectation? We tell it all in our CRM consultant job description.

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CRM consultant: the job description

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultant; otherwise known as a CRM expert; is a specialist in customer relationship management software and customer relationship itself. When creating a call center, this professional assists in optimizing the relationship with customers. But also in making decisions relating to the choice of IT tools. Usually, a CRM expert works for an ESN or a BtoB agency. They can work in a large group or in small structures and is mainly required to work in collaboration with customer service, as well as with the marketing and web-marketing service.

The role of the CRM consultant is to define, configure, implement and manage the CRM software while promoting its positive impact on the company’s strategy. CRM Software is the backbone of any call centre. Indeed, the CRM software makes it possible to keep all the history of exchanges with customers and to manage the call lists on a daily basis. In choosing which CRM to implement, they can choose between independent CRM software or an ERP (including other business management modules). They manage the CRM software on a daily basis. That is to say, they take care of monitoring developments and finding new improvement strategies. Furthermore, they also collect data concerning customers and their life cycle, and carry out reports.

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The CRM consultant is also focused on determining the best strategies to increase customer loyalty and engagement. This professional thus sets up loyalty campaigns and works to understand which are the dissatisfied customers (detractors) and satisfied customers (promoters) by calculating the NPS score (Net promoter score).

Required Skills

How to become a CRM consultant? The CRM consultant must have a perfect mastery of software packages dedicated to CRM. They must also have solid knowledge in the areas of sales and marketing. Specializing in customer data analysis, it is important that he has knowledge and skills in data mining, and brand optimization on search engines and social networks. The CRM consultant must demonstrate good analytical skills and be responsive to any changes that he himself must be able to detect. This professional must know how to approach a project as a whole.

A true specialist in customer relations, it is important that they know all the technical and strategic aspects. In addition, the CRM consultant must have a taste for contact, good listening skills and a sense of service. It is essential that the CRM consultant has a great spirit of synthesis and good adaptability.


How much does a CRM consultant make? The salary of a CRM consultant varies depending on the experience of the consultant. But also depending on the scope of their position and the size of the company. Indeed, some CRM consultants only work on the software aspect, while others will be responsible for a large part of the customer relationship.

Within a large group or small business, the salary range for this professional is wide. Generally speaking, a CRM consultant can earn close to €35,000 / year at the start of a career. At the end of his career, he can hope to earn more than €65,000 / year as a senior. The average salary of this professional is around €45,000 per year. The average daily rate for a CRM consultant developer is generally between $400 and $900.

Training and education of the CRM Consultant

Different training courses allow you to become a CRM consultant, with a Bac + 4 or Bac + 5. Graduates from business or engineering schools are usually highly appreciated by employers. It is thus possible to enter a business school or an engineering school, with a diploma with a specialization in marketing or web marketing. You can take a Master in Marketing or International Marketing or join a communication or marketing school. There are also certifications for using software that are popular with employers, such as Salesforce certifications.

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